Menu Monday

I'm linking up again with Rachel to share our menu for the week! Menu planning is the one thing that really helps me stay organized throughout the week. When I don't plan ahead, I end up at Publix 4 times during the week. When that happens I get a little uneasy thinking that the staff assumes I keep coming back for the free cookie. The cookie is for the toddler, by the way.

If there is one thing I must tell you about our menu last week, it is 
this: YOU MUST TRY THE CAJUN CHICKEN PASTA.  It was so good that it required all caps. 

This week we are having:

Tuesday: Chicken Burrito Bowls (including this Fiesta Lime Rice)

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan with roasted garlic cous cous

Thursday: Taco Cups

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner...Green Pancakes for St. Patrick's Day!


Shannon Dew said...

Well hot damn! I'm coming to your house for dinner this week! I just sat down to meal plan and maybe I'll try one of these! Can you believe I have never had quinoa?

Mateya said...

Everything sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try the cajun chicken pasta!

melissa said...

That cajun chicken pasta is so tasty. I love all of the Skinny Taste recipes. I've yet to make one that wasn't a hit.

Elizabeth said...

That's the exact reason why I have to meal plan each week! Sounds like some yummy dishes at your house :)