Grayson: 2.5 years old

My first boy is now TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD! How did that happen?!

I almost hate to do an update because I could talk about this child forever & don't want to leave anything out! 
 Two and a half. It's an interesting age. Some days I think it may do me in. Most days I think this age is just way too much fun. Grayson is talking ALL THE TIME now & I love hearing his sweet little voice. He will copy anything you say. He's a parrot--watch out!
Two and a half has brought a lot more independence. G wants to do everything himself. "Me do it" is his favorite phrase! It also brought a lot more bravery. Grayson has always been a little timid, but he's starting to break out of his shell more and more. Our neighborhood has a huge playground with a 2 story slide. He has always been afraid to climb up the ladder alone until recently. He did it once last week & is now an old pro! I was so proud of him! I love watching him try new things. He is learning things so quickly!
Grayson is all boy.  I'm pretty sure he would live outside in the sandbox or in the dirt if I allowed it. At 2 1/2, his favorite things to do are:
  • dig in the sandbox
  • play with his trucks in the mulch outside
  • all things lawncare (more specifically: weed eating & mowing the lawn)
  • playing baseball & basketball
  • taking long walks & ending them at our neighborhood playground
  • going to school
  • driving your Hummer
  • all things fire truck & firemen!
  • singing songs
  • play with his best friends, Gray & Eli
One of my favorite qualities about G is his sweet disposition. He is a rough & rowdy boy, for sure, but he's also so caring. He loves "his baby" so much & always runs over to Griffin when he is crying to comfort him. He'll usually pat his back and say, "it's okay, baby. It's okay!" Talk about tugging on a mama's heart strings. It's so sweet! I love his heart! We found baby bunnies in our yard last week & I had to protect them from our dogs. Every time I would pick them up to move them out of our backyard Grayson would say, "aawww! So tiny! Sweet bunnies." Bless him. He's definitely my child--animal lover!
One thing is for sure...Grayson has the memory of an elephant. HE FORGETS NOTHING. He is still talking about the time his Nana spilled chocolate milk on our kitchen floor--that happened the day Griffin was born EIGHT MONTHS AGO.  His memory cracks me up. He remembers things at the most random times. Yesterday we were in mid_conversation when he remembered how we saw a Santa riding on a motorcycle in December. So random but it always makes me laugh!
I feel like I have blinked and 2 1/2 years flew by. This boy has stolen my heart & I love watching him grow up. Although, I do wish time would slow down just a tad!

Happy Half Birthday (a week late), G! We love you!


{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

He is just precious girl! I love his sweet heart- so tender! I can't believe he's 2.5! The time just goes way too fast!!!!!

Lynsey said...

He is precious! I feel like him and Mason are so much alike. It kills me we don't live closer.