a day at the park

The weather was gorgeous while we were in Georgia. I am an outside girl and really want Grayson to grow up playing outside and not in front of the tv. We decided to start him early and take him to the park for the first time!
Mom, dad, G, and I had a picnic at Roswell Park and then played on the playground. They have an amazing 3 story playground that will be awesome when Grayson is older! But for now we stuck to the baby play area. He thought the slide was interesting!
He looks so tiny on the dinosaur!
My baby is an active boy. He does not like to sit still. I figured he would immediately LOVE the swings. I was wrong. Look at the pouty face. So dramatic!
Don't worry, happy boy warmed up to the swing in a few minutes!
He was back to his normal self in no time...kicking his feet whenever the swing slowed down!
He pretty much melts my heart.
I can't wait to spend lots of afternoons at the park this spring and summer!


Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

I love him!!! And that hat is just too much! Precious! Glad he had such a great time! I've been wanting to take Brooks to our waterfront park, but the no-see-ums are AWFUL!

jeannie said...

It was a great day! So glad you appreciate every minute :)

the workaholic momma said...

I love his hat - so adorable!!