a Louisiana trip

We got back yesterday from a fun long weekend trip to Baton Rouge. My mom and I packed the boys up on Thursday morning and drove TEN (very long) hours to Louisiana so we could spend time with family. Most of my cousins, aunts, and uncles live in Baton Rouge and I love bringing the boys there. I wish it was closer and we could see all of our cousins more often! We went for my cousin, Robyn's, baby shower. She will be welcoming baby Judson in early June! It was so nice to enjoy the warmer weather and family time. There is just nothing like being in a loud house surrounded by your family! We always have a good time!
Robyn's shower was so cute! 

we are about 2 months apart with due dates--early June and early August! Can't wait for these cousins to meet! (and yes, Robyn is one of those super cute pregnant girls. not fair--ha!)
These cousins had such a good time...it really is a shame that we don't get to go more often! This was our first time meeting baby Caroline and she's as sweet as can be. Griffin was in love. He gave her hugs & was so sweet to her. I hope he loves babies as much in August!
 Griffin loved exploring Papa Bruce's big field. It is a little boy's dream!
Grayson? Well, the highlight of his trip was learning to drive the big mower. He is pretty much a professional now!
We even made a visit to Mike the Tiger again. You may remember that when G first saw Mike at 15 months old, his reaction made the Baton Rouge news. It was pretty epic. Griffin wanted to roar at Mike so badly, but he was snoozing away when we arrived. We had to settle on the tiger statue!
We had such a fun few days. We love our Louisiana family!

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Andie said...

so glad you had a good visit down this way! Next time I will have to try and meet up with you when you are here for a little while longer! :)