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It's a rainy Monday & this lady is sleepy. We have a current sleep situation of Griffin waking up every single morning between 5:00-5:30. It is rough. Here is my brain dump for Monday:

-I have an OB appointment today & it will be my first time taking both boys by myself. We'll see how that goes! Thank goodness for strollers & iPads.

-My friend & neighbor, Amy, is being induced today! I can't wait to have a new neighbor baby on our street. Baby Ellis will be joining lots of other boys on our street--I am so excited for newborn baby snuggles! We may have already decided that Ellis & Cheney will have an arranged marriage. And if not that, they will at least be great baby friends!

-So, on Saturday night we decided to try out Griffin's new toddler bed. He doesn't sleep great in his crib & we thought he might be okay in a toddler bed. It's already set up in the boys' shared bedroom so we figured we should just go ahead and give it a whirl. I expected to have to keep going in and putting him back in the bed. I did not, however, expect him to scream like a banshee and run at the door like someone was chasing him. Y'all. Griffin straight up lost his mind. It was pitiful! I rocked him for a minute and laid him back in C's nursery in his crib & he fell right asleep. So, obviously it didn't go well. I guess we will try again after our Disney trip in May. We aren't renting a pack n play down there--he's going to have to sleep in a bed! 

-We are leaving for Disney in less than a month & I am so excited!! Our MagicBands have shipped & we are all ready to go. We decided to fly to Orlando instead of trekking it 12 hours in the car. The boys can't wait to fly on an airplane. I, however, am a little nervous about the (thankfully short) plane ride with 2 little boys.

I've been stocking up on the Grab n Go packs. I love these things & they are in the Target Dollar Bins right now! What else should I bring for the plane ride?? I am also finding it funny that I have been finding cute Mickey shirts for the boys & yet I am searching for comfy maternity work out capris for myself.
-My cousin, Blakely, is having a double masectomy today. She is only a few years older than me and is the mama to 3 young boys. We are so thankful that they found her breast cancer really early but I can't imagine going through this with three little kids at home. We are hopeful that this surgery will take care of it & she won't need any other treatment. I would appreciate your prayers for Blakely and her family!


Miranda said...

I am praying for your cousin. May the Lord bless her family and heal her fully.

Carol said...

Prayers for your cousin! Cancer stinks!
Those mess free marker activity books are also awesome!

melissa said...

I hope all goes well for your cousin today. So sorry about Griffin & the bed. If it doesn't go well at Disney, they probably have cribs you can have brought to the room. If not, call me and I'll bring ours over. :)

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