Griffin in 20 months old!

Griffin, you are 20 months old now! You are closer to 2 than 1 and acting every bit of it. You are really starting to act like a little boy!
The Stats:
Weight: About 21.10lbs
Height: About 32in
Clothes: wearing 9-12m shorts & everything else is either 12m or 18m
Diaper: moving up to size 5 this week!
Shoe: he is finally wearing a 5!
Here's what's been going on this month:
-You traveled to Louisiana & had a blast! You were obsessed with your baby cousin, Caroline. She is pretty sweet! You wanted to hug & kiss her every time you saw her. You even helped her mommy feed her!
-Going along with that, you just love babies right now! You notice them everywhere we go and like to blow them kisses.
-You have given Jack a new nickname. You call him "Beesh" for some reason. All day long you ask for your "Beesh" and love to hug him. I am so shocked at how well Jack is doing with you!
-You love music. "Wheels on the Bus" is your favorite song right now. It is so sweet to hear you singing, "beep beep beep, all day long!"
-You love being outside now that the weather is nice and warm. You love to dig in the mulch, jump on our trampoline, play in the sandbox, & play with your outside trucks. You also have started riding in the Gator with Grayson. You think that is so fun!
-We moved you to a temporary room this week before you move in with your big brother. You haven't had a problem with it! We also stopped using the sleepsack this week. We gave you two small blankets and you've been sleeping just fine! (aside from the 5:30am wake ups...yuck!)
-you got your very first haircut at the barber shop! You had to sit in my lap but you look so handsome now. I do miss that crazy, long hair though!
-you continue to be a great eater most of the time! I am very thankful for that. You drink whole milk in the morning & before dinner and drink Pediasure with your dinner. Your favorite foods right now are: applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, chips and salsa, scrambled eggs, rice (especially fried & Mexican rice!), anything with peanut butter, bananas, & grapes. You try just about anything once & I love that about you!
New words you are saying:
-Calling Grayson "Bubba"
-nigh nigh (goodnight)
-no (a new favorite)
-Seesy (sissy)
-guys (he says this about all the fireman/truck guy toys we have)
-papsi (what he calls his beloved paci)
-'scuse me
-gucky (yucky)
Oh, Griffin. You have such a fun personality! You are what I call the wild one. You are fearless, rambunctious, & very assertive already.  You have a huge personality bundled up in that tiny body! Your smile is contagious and those big blue eyes get comments every day! I feel like you have really grown up a lot this month. You are becoming more independent & can communicate with us so much more. I swear you are saying new words every single day! Your bubba is still your very best friend & you like to point to your "seesy" in my belly a lot. I think you will be a great big brother!
Happy 20 months, little Griff!


Ashleigh said...

Such a big boy! I cannot believe how big he has gotten! They all seem to grow up way too fast :(

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