Our fun-filled Easter weekend

We had such a great Easter weekend! Poor Ben had to work for the 2nd Easter weekend in a row, but thankfully my parents were able to visit us! Warm weather has finally arrived to Tennessee and we spent the whole entire weekend outside. The boys are still recovering from all the fun!
On Good Friday our Sunday School class had a huge egg hunt for all the kids.  Sweet Griff was battling bad allergies all weekend & Friday was definitely his worst day.
He was ALL business & no smiles while hunting for eggs. I know he didn't feel great, but his smug little face made me laugh!
We have such a great Sunday School class. I love all these kids!
Saturday was spent outside painting pots, planting flowers in the newly painted pots, dyeing Easter eggs, & just enjoying the sunshine!
Griffin woke up much happier on Saturday. I'm glad he got to enjoy the day, too!
G really liked dyeing eggs this year. That wire whish tip you've seen on pinterest? It worked so well! I tried to let the wild child dye some eggs but he is still a little rough for that. Maybe he'll participate next year! He preferred to slide on the playset while Grayson made some pretty eggs!
We ended the night next door at our neighbors fire pit! We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. These 2 are such good buddies. It feels like Eli has always been a part of our little Broadgate group!

The Easter Bunny brought the boys some fun things. Their favorite was a new soft sword. Who doesn't love attacking their brother with a play sword?! Also, I found those cute Easter buckets at Target last week. Cheney even got a pink fairy one for next year!
Ben had to go to work before church, but we did get a family picture this year! I am still in shock that there will be one more little one in our picture next year.
The boys loved having their Nana & Poppy here all weekend. We had to go through grandparent detox all day on Monday!
These boys have my whole heart. They looked so sweet! Grayson did so great with us at "big church" & Griffin got to play with his Sunday School friends. I'm so glad we had family here--it was a great Easter weekend!


emily said...

What a beautiful family!!

Loving the "all business" hunt picture. Too cute.

Stephanie said...

That last picture?! I die of cuteness overload!