an update of sorts

This time next week we will be in Disney World! This week will be a little crazy trying to pack & run errands for last minute things. I feel like we've been busy lately!
Right now Griffin is currently sleeping in his sister's nursery. I use the term "nursery" pretty loosely. Right now it has the new glider, Cheney's crib, & half a wall with lots of gray paint samples. Nothing can really happen until Griffin moves in with Grayson! Last week we decided to convert Cheney's crib into a toddler bed since we already had that conversion kit. The transition went so much better than trying to put Griffin in our small, white toddler bed! For whatever reason, Griffin loves his new toddler bed & is sleeping just fine. Most of the time he stays in it until we get to his room. A couple times he has gotten out & proceeded to bang on the door. Ha! Hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to move him to his new twin bed in Grayson's room!
Speaking of new twin beds, I love them! We asked Ben's dad to build 2 beds for the boys because we could not find anything we liked in the stores. I wanted more of a rustic look & they turned out perfect! Not to mention, how special is it that they will sleep in beds built by their Pops?? I love that. We are waiting on a custom dresser & then I can hang everything up in their room. I'm excited to see it all come together!

Some of you may have already heard this, but my little side "job" is coming to an end. I've been a Kelly's Kids Rep since I quit teaching & I have really enjoyed doing it. The company made the decision last week to sell solely on the internet & no longer use reps or home parties. I was completely caught off guard when they told us this last week. I've had lots of loyal internet friends as my customers and I really appreciate y'all helping to build my little business! I'll definitely miss the KK clothes but Miss Cheney totally benefitted when I used the rest of my discounts on her summer wardrobe for next year! Oops.

I will leave you with the thoughts I have been having lately watching these (most of the time) sweet brother moments. First of all, I never in a million years would have imagined that being a "boy mom" was so much fun. I watch them laughing and sharing their own little jokes & I think my heart just may explode. They were sitting on the train table the other night with a pile of trucks surrounding them. Ben and I were SO tired and just beyond ready for bedtime. They were giggling and playing so nicely. It was hard to end that time so that they could go to sleep! I want to cherish these moments because I know I will never get them back. It will never be just the 2 of them again. A little girl is soon joining their posse. I keep thinking about what that will be like. To have some girly things thrown into our bonus room full of trucks, superheroes, & a basketball hoop.  I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to see these sweet boys love their baby sister like they love each other.