Five on Friday

I am linking up with Darci & the gang today! Here's my Friday brain dump...

1. Today is a happy, happy day because me & the boys are going to visit Jen, Carsyn, & Hank!! I am driving the 5ish hours up to Kentucky today to spend the weekend with my BBF (best bloggy friend) and celebrate Carsyn's 3rd birthday with a big ol' shindig! I can't wait! Pray that I don't get lost out in the sticks with no cell service--ha!

2. SOOOO, on the Operation Skinny Mama front, I joined Jazzercise this week!
I really wish I could wear 80s costumes to the workouts, but I don't think that would be appropriate. BUT, all legwarmer/leotard jokes aside, I LOVE IT. I have done 3 classes and burned over 550 calories each time...it is a great workout! It is much harder than I thought and I am sore. This mama needs to get in shape! 

3. Fall is my favorite...especially the start of all my tv shows! 
Chicago Fire was my favorite new show last year & it was so good this week!
Law & Order: SVU will always hold a special place in my heart. It is, hands down, my favorite show of all time!
The Voice is also back with the original judges!I just couldn't get into it with Usher & Shakira. I'm glad the original four are back. And goodness, I love me some Adam Levine.

What are you watching??

4.On the Wednesdays that I don't have MOPS, I do a bible study for women at my church. It's a pretty big group of women but I love the fellowship time. This year we are doing a book study on this:

I am really enjoying it so far. I feel like it is so hard to be content; especially when we live in the world where everyone always wants more. I have only read through the first 2 chapters but so far I love this book!

5. We have been talking about Halloween costumes around here. I think I have finally talked Grayson out of being a fireman again. I think G will be a Titans football player & I want Griff to be the referee. However, I will have to get creative with Griffin's costume because I can't find one in his size anywhere! I keep toying with the idea of having him wear Grayson's old gnome costume because it was the funniest thing ever.

I mean, really. It still doesn't get old. Grayson the Gnome is the best.

Have a great weekend! 


Stephanie said...

What a great way to spend your Wednesday! Our MOPS group as a lot of play dates which I love because they really wear Connor out.

And the gnome? I die!

emily said...

Have fun in KY!

The gnome is too funny and cute!!

melissa said...

That gnome costume was too cute! They just opened a Jazzercise studio by my house and I checked out the facebook page - it looks tough! I am not nearly coordinated enough for all that! Way to go!

Carol said...

The gnome costume is HYSTERICAL! Love it! I love Law and Order: SVU too. I just really miss Stabler!!! I haven't watched the season premiere yet. It's hard to find 2 hours and I know once I start watching, I won't be able to stop!

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