Griffin's 1 Year Pictures

Griffin had his 1 year pictures taken during the week of our teething nightmare. He literally screamed ALL DAY for about 10 days straight while he was cutting his top molars. 
This is a good indicator of Griff's mood that day. Haha! I am shocked at how good the rest of the pictures came out. 

I love them! 

Photos taken by Images by Studio S


Katie said...

You would never know that little cutie was having a rough time by looking at these pictures! SO PRECIOUS!!!!

PS--WHY is there always SOMETHING going on when they're scheduled for pics?? Bad weather, missed nap, sick, teething....I swear there's always something off when I schedule pics.

emily said...

Adorable pictures! The first one is too funny and so sad at the same time!

Jessica said...

What a sweet pea!! Glad you got some great shots :D

Ashleigh said...

I love them :) They turned out amazing! Griff is so precious he reminds me of how little G once use too be!