Back to School!

Last Thursday we had Grayson's Meet the Teacher day at his preschool. He has been SO excited about going back to school this year. I was excited to meet his new teachers & see his new room!
Can you tell that Meet the Teacher day was also the same day that Ole Miss played (and beat!) Vandy?! We were all a matching Rebel family at school! We met G's new teachers, Mrs. Pat & Mrs. Kat, and checked out his new classroom. We decided to not move him all the way up like most of his class from last year & he is finally with kids he will be in kindergarten with! His teachers are wonderful & he was so excited that his buddies, Marcelo & Rodri, are in his class again. 
Today was Grayson's first day in his 3 year old preschool class. I remember taking him on his first day last year. He looked so tiny with his little bleach blonde hair. He clung to us & cried when we left. This year? He marched right in, said hi to his teachers, & had no problem playing with trucks as we left. Such a big boy!
When I picked him up he was still napping on his mat but his teachers told me he had a great first day! He even got to have recess with some of the kids from his old class. I know this school year will be so fun for Grayson & we can't wait to watch him grow and learn!