Grayson is THREE!

Grayson, today you are THREE years old. I remember the first time we laid eyes on you so vividly. I remember feeling such a sense of relief that after a long labor, you were finally here and you were SO big! Nine pounds and one ounce of pure sweet baby boy. I had waited my whole life for you!
Now, I blinked and you are 3! It's crazy how fast time is going by.

At 3 you love:
  • playing outside ALL day. You are always mowing the lawn, using your weed eater, raking, shoveling, playing baseball, or playing football. You would probably sleep outside if we let you!
  • Trucks. You & Griffin love to dump all of the trucks out and "build new roads" together. 
  • Fixing things with your tools! 
  • All things Braves, Titans, & Ole Miss Rebels. You went to your first Braves game this summer & had a blast! You have also started shouting your version of "Hotty Toddy" at random times. We're obviously doing something right!
  • Jumping on trampolines. Your neighbor friends let you use theirs almost daily & you are obsessed. You love to do "baseball slides" on the trampoline with Walker!
  • your friends. You always talk about Eli, Gray, Molly Cate, Carter, David, Reed, Emma, & Walker.
  • going to school & church! You are a sponge and have learned so much over the past year. You love hearing new bible stories at church and it's fun to listen to you "read" them to us from your bible. 

Over the past year you have grown up so much. You have a heart of gold & care so much about the people around you. You are ALL boy but you have such a tender heart! You adjusted to the role of big brother so easily & now you are such a good helper with Griffin. You love to help him reach things & you always kiss him when he gets hurt. Watching you and Griffin become so close over the past year has been one of my favorite things. He can drive you absolutely crazy but you love him so much. You call him your baby & you've told me a few times that "Mini is my favorite friend!" (Mini is Griff's nickname)
G, you are the one who made me a mama. Thanks for being our guinea pig as far as parenting goes. You sure have made it easy! The last 3 years have been the best of our lives and we love you so much!

Happy THIRD birthday, Grayson!


Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

emily said...

aww...this post makes me smile!

Happy birthday Grayson!

Elizabeth Porter said...
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Jen Watts said...

Love him! Love you all!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday Grayson! They grow so fast!