A Zoo Trip & some Oxford fun!

This past weekend was so much fun! We have been planning on taking a little family trip to the Memphis Zoo for Grayson's 3rd birthday & we made that happen this weekend. We loaded up the kids on Thursday after dinner & drove the 3ish hours to Germantown. It was our first hotel experience with kids & it was interesting to say the least! Griffin & Grayson both fell asleep on the way there and were WIDE AWAKE when we arrived.  They were slap happy & didn't go to sleep until about 11:30. Way too late for the sleepy parents!
We woke up on Friday morning, ate breakfast, & headed to the zoo. The Memphis Zoo is awesome & we had not been since college! 

 We ended up spending about 4 hours at the zoo & we had so much fun. It was practically empty which was awesome! Grayson loved seeing the tigers & giraffes. I thought the bears were pretty fun to watch:) Griffin, well, he just loved saying "see it!" as he pointed to all the animals. It was a busy, hot,  and long day & we were worn out afterwards!

On Saturday we ventured down to Oxford! It's only an hour south of Memphis & it was our first home game of the season so we thought a trip to the Grove was appropriate. Not to mention, my very best friend, Whitney, just had a baby 3ish weeks ago and I had to meet baby Kent! 
Sweet Kent was the only boy that wanted to cooperate for some pictures. There is nothing better than seeing your best friend become a mama!
 Look at that TINY little boy! Kent is such a peanut. I couldn't hold him for too long because I probably would have just packed him up with us & brought him back to Nashville!
You know how I said not all the boys were cooperative? Three is a pretty fun age;) This group has grown by 3 kids in the last 3 years! 
We went to Grove for a couple hours and it was HOT. I nearly melted and holding a baby in that kind of heat is for the birds. It was so fun seeing friends though! Every single year when college football season rolls around I always want to move closer to my favorite small town. I miss it! 

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emily said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love Gray's football shirt.

Your friends baby is precious! All that hair!!