Celebrating G!

Grayson's birthday lasted ALL weekend long & we had so much fun celebrating our big 3 year old!

We started off on Thursday, the actual birthday! Grayson requested bagels for breakfast so we made a family bagel run to Einstein's before preschool. Grayson spent the day at school & had a little class party with his friends.
He picked out these super cute cookies from The Puffy Muffin to take to school & I am still sad I didn't get to eat one. Ha! Their cookies are the best! Ben and I have been so excited for G's big present and we could not wait for him to get home.  When G pulled up in the driveway with Ben, this was waiting for him in the garage:
His very own Gator!! Grayson was so excited and has been driving it nonstop since Thursday. He loves it!
Seriously. He is so grown up. My heart can't take it!

We celebrated with a big ol' cookie cake (which he only ate the icing off of...weirdo) and it was his first year REALLY  blowing out his candles!

We wanted to keep it low-key this year with a party. Grayson insisted on having one & I was not about to craft it all up for another shindig. SO, we had his birthday party at Monkey Joe's (a bounce place) on Friday night. It was the best idea we have ever had.They did everything for us & the kids loved every minute! 
G has such great friends...love all of these little people so much! 

On Saturday Grayson was spoiled when both sets of grandparents came up to Tennessee AND Uncle Thomas! Thomas is probably Grayson's favorite person in the whole world. He was SO excited when all his people were here!
We were all still recovering from our busy weekend yesterday. I was exhausted! It was such a fun weekend celebrating Grayson. He was so excited this year to turn 3. He's growing up so fast!


Chrissi said...

Happy Birthday Grayson! He is adorable Laura :)

Beth Ann said...

Sounds like a great birthday for him!!! So special! Wish they wouldn't grow so fast.

Stephanie said...

I love his face in the first gator photo! Boy was he happy!
Happy Birthday Grayson!

Andie said...

awww he looks like he had a fantastic birthday! He's grown up so much!