Tub Painting with The Toddler

We went from beautiful warm weather earlier last week to actual frigid winter weather. Grayson and I get so stir crazy when we can't play outside or don't have plans with friends. I was trying to come up with something fun we could do inside that would keep G occupied. {see also: he has the attention span of a gnat.} 

SO, we went to Target and picked up some Crayola paints. These are the ones we settled on:

They had actual finger paints too but they only had 4 colors. You know I love fun colors! I also bought a pack of construction paper. I am KICKING myself for not taking any paper from school last year...I would have never needed paper again. Oh well. 

I knew Grayson would be messy painter so I opted to do some tub painting. Easy cleanup, right?

 I plopped my naked boy in the tub with a piece of paper and some drops of paint. I already had one of those foam brushes so that's what he used.
 He learned quickly that the paint didn't have to stay on the paper!
 see? :)

Such a little artist! It drove G crazy when he got paint on his diaper. We had a minor spaz moment of him literally trying to rip his diaper off...ha!
This was cheap entertainment for a good 20 minutes and it was so easy to clean up! The paint just rinses right off the tub AND the toddler. win, win! We've also painted with watercolors in the tub. G's favorite part? It means an afternoon bath afterwards!

I'm linking this post up to Jennifer's Toddler Tuesday post. She always has cute ideas of fun & educational things to do with toddlers. Go check it out!


Happiness Is... said...

They let Thatcher and the babies paint at school and I love the artwork! So fun! We are about to put a brand new tub in our new house so not sure my anal self would go for this but it's a great idea!

Jen Watts said...

oh, I love this!!

Savannah said...

Painting in the tub is brilliant!! Such a fun idea and G is quite the artist. :)

Savannah said...

Painting in the tub is brilliant!! Such a fun idea and G is quite the artist. :)

Lynsey said...

Love this! We have those same paints nut never thought to paint in the tub. We will be trying this tomorrow!

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

Fun! Definitely going to give this a try!

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