14 weeks with Baby Dos

 Boom. There's a baby!
 Grayson just HAD to be in the belly picture this week. He looks like such a big boy in this picture!

*How far along?: 14 weeks...hello, 2nd trimester!
*Total weight gain?: 1-2 pounds
*How big is baby?: the size of a lemon/peach...depends on where you look!
*Sex: We find out on March 8th!
*Maternity clothes: Just bought 2 new pairs of maternity jeans. I had to go a size smaller than last time I was pregnant...woohoo for starting off smaller! I have 2 maternity shirts but the rest are regular.
*Stretch marks: Nope. I still need to get my Mama Mio cream!
*Sleep: Depends on the night. Sometimes I sleep all night & sometimes I don't!
*Symptoms: the random sickness, heartburn, nausea. Still have to take Zofran sometimes.
*Best moment this week: we painted the WHOLE downstairs of our house and I love it. Love it.
*Movement: not yet
*Food cravings: fruity candy and spicy food. Today I told Ben I wanted flaming hot cheetos, Lousiana Hot Sauce pork rinds (don't judge), hot fries, and buffalo wings. Out of control. Also? I really wanted a bloody mary this morning...I don't even really like those. ha!
*Labor signs: hopefully not anytime soon!
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: how about NOT being hungry 24/7?
*What I'm looking forward to: finding out if we are having another sweet baby boy or we are having a little girl!


Crystal Seed said...

OMG! You are STILL looking fabulous! I can't believe you haven't gained any weight yet! That's just amazing!!! Keep up the good work mamma!!!

Happiness Is... said...

Looking good!!!

Mallorie said...

ah look at your little belly!!! So cute! :-) And G is going to be SUCH a good big brother! I love that he's in the pictures!!!

Mallorie said...

Ohhh and are you standing in front of your new paint color?! love!

Jen Watts said...

I swear you'll gain about 20 lbs this time and I'll gain 40..its ok..I don't hate you :)
You look great momma!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love G's face in that second one. And yay, March 8th is only a month away! (only!)

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