So What! Wednesday

It's that time of the week again! I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I bought a bag of Louisiana hot sauce pork rinds and CANNOT STOP EATING THEM? It's bad. My mouth can't handle the heat...but Baby Dos is demanding them. 
  • my blonde roots are peeking through and it looks a smidge like gray hair? Seriously. It's weird. I can't go to my girl for another 10 days...eep! 
  • I love, love, love smocked clothing on little boys and girls? It's not old, it's timeless.  AND I want my toddler to look like a toddler and not like a little man. 
  • my child HAD TO HAVE HIS FROGGY IN THE TUB last night? You win some, you lose some. Last night? Mama lost to the screaming toddler. 
  • sometimes I feel like my life is a never ending comedy routine that someone is secretly filming? Seriously. If you followed me around with cameras, you would laugh. Most of the time I am a hot mess, missing a brain, with a crazy child in tow.
  • I have eaten so many swedish fish that tummy hurts? ick. Baby Dos better be careful or he/she will come out looking like a piece of candy.


Lynsey said...

Pork Rinds, Smocked Clothes, Swedish Fish... we were meant to be friends!

Mallorie said...

amen to smocking :-) And I know you haven't entered the world of big bows...YET. ;-) But there's just something about a little girl in a bow ole' bow. People in Virginia look at us like we're crazy sometimes. Once I had her in a SMALL bow (or small to us) and this lady went on and on about her HUGE bow...all I could think is what would she say about our actual big bows? haha :-) I cannot wait to find out what baby dos is!!!!!!!!!

Happiness Is... said...

I so agree with smocked clothing - they are only babies for so long! I hate denim and "real" clothes on babies :)

Melissa said...

Mmm I love me some swedish fish! They sound perfect after some HOT chips:)