a trip to Louisiana

Last weekend my mom, Grayson, and I made a long drive to Baton Rouge to see my family. I was so excited to take Grayson to Louisiana for the first time. I have SO many great childhood memories there & I wanted him to experience some of that. It was a successful trip! 
 My aunt & uncle live on a great piece of property full of everything little boys love: trees, sticks, dirt, dogs, tractors, and lots of equipment. Grayson was in heaven! Can we discuss how G is sporting some overalls and short sleeves? IN JANUARY?! It was between 75-80 degrees every day we were there. Crazy!
The satsuma and kumquat trees were ripe while we were there. Guess what picky eater loved picking AND eating fresh fruit?? Grayson ate way too many satsumas on our trip...he was obsessed. 
 Grayson got to spend time with his cousins, Hailey & Brooke, while we were in town. We haven't seen these cute girls since July!
Hailey was so sweet with Grayson. She was such a good little babysitter! She was always holding his hand when they went down a step and loved giving him hugs. I think G wants an older sister! 

 My aunt took us to the LSU baseball field to play on the playground. Of course I made Grayson wear lots of red. :) I can't get over how big he looks in this picture! Where did my baby go?!?
 The highlight of our trip may have been taking Grayson to see Mike the Tiger at LSU.
 He loved walking to each area of the fence to watch the tiger roam. This boy loves him some animals!
So, Mike decided to go swimming. Grayson got up really close and was enamored by the giant tiger...until they were face to face. Then? Well, the freak out occurred. He turned, screamed, and ran as fast as he could to his mama & I could not stop laughing. It was hysterical! Luckily, my aunt got a video of the whole episode. I may have watched it 3486 times. 

And? That funny video made the Baton Rouge news! Go watch my little celeb toddler! He's a natural on camera:)


Shelli said...

OMG that video is priceless!!! Poor Grayson! I love all his cute warm weather outfits! Can you not wait for spring????

Jen Watts said...

Boy keeps getting more adorable! Love him. Love that tiger video!

Tagged you on the blog today sista!

Happiness Is... said...

I just found your blog and had to say hi - I have a little boy and live in New Orleans, so I was hooked from the minute I saw Louisiana :)

Grayson is precious!

Marci said...

Love the video! Poor little G!

Mallorie said...

love ;-) He is just precous. I can't wait to take Emma Claire to meet our Baylor Bears!

Andie said...

oh my goodness! LOVE! WHat part of Louisiana are you from? And I especially love that you took Grayson to meet Mike the Tiger! Mike loves kids so that was extra sweet. We have yet to take Andrew to meet him- you have me thinking we should do that soon!!! :)

LOVE the video!