reasons I love my kid #3

You can find #1 here and #2 here.
  • He never meets a stranger, so unlike me as a child. He says "hiiiiii" to every single person he sees; he won't stop saying it until he gets a response. So friendly!
  • He has an opinion now & it cracks me up. One thing he has a strong opinion about is food. Grayson now walks to the pantry, knocks on the door until we open it, & then picks what he wants to eat. What he grabs is always SO random; gatorade, a box of hot chocolate, fruit thins, a loaf of bread. Seriously, you never know. 
  • When Grayson runs, he doesn't move his arms. It looks hysterical. 
  • He thinks Llama Llama (from his books) looks like Jack. Lately, he has pointed to him yelling, "Jack! Jack!"
  • He gives his dogs kisses & hugs all the time. 
  • He has THE BEST "surprised" face. hands down.  
see? surprised face!
  •  He walks around with my old iPhone, holds it up to his ear, and says "heyyyy." He then proceeds to have a long conversation with him whoever he is talking to. 
  • He thinks it is SO funny to chase the dogs around our downstairs with his ball popper or lawn mower. He shrieks & belly laughs while they run around like crazy.


Melissa said...

Izzy chases our dogs with her grocery cart. She thinks it's hysterical, but our dogs look at me like, "You're kidding right?". So funny! Grayson's suprised face is awesome! He is so cute!

Shelli said...

Kendall chases Wilson with her baby stroller. He freaks out and she belly laughs. Love toddler/dog entertainment!

Savannah said...

What a fun post! Grayson is such a character and I love that you document his personality.

melissa said...

Look at that sweet face! He's too cute. Love all the fun things he's doing. So awesome that you're documenting all these little memories.