resolutions shmesolutions

I know that it's over a week past January 1st, but I think it's time to talk about some goals for 2012. I don't do resolutions. New Year's resolutions have a bad reputation for getting forgotten about pretty quickly. I'm just going to make some goals...and perhaps I will even stick to them! (Please don't hold your breath on that)

Only go to the grocery once a week. I usually do pretty good each week budget-wise on my main shopping day. However, sometimes I just NEED a big bag of sour patch kids, salt & vinegar chips, and some new nail polish. Nothing good comes of those extra trips & my wallet hates me for them. 

Be more frugal. I really need to do better with saving money; especially since I am no longer making any real money. (I guess my eBates cash back doesn't count?!) 

Be better at keeping our house clean & tidy. I told Ben that I am going to pretend that our house is on the market and I HAVE to keep it clean & clutter-free. I've tackled 3 rooms this week. I'm slowly getting there & Laura's random piles of junk are finding new homes. 

Spend less time on my computer/iPad/iPhone, and more quality time with my family. 

Read more books. Have any suggestions? I have been sucked in to The Hunger Games and am about to start the 3rd book. I'm going to need some good ones soon! 

Grow up and stop watching trashy reality shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and 16 & Pregnant. psh.
Start sewing. I've kind of got down the basics, but I need to study that manual and actually use the machine!
REALLY learn how to use my camera. I would love to take a class that would show me how to use all the settings on my camera. Again, I need to really study the manual...something I hate doing. I would like to do this before Baby Dos arrives in 7 (!!!!!!!) months.

Jump back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon after Baby Dos arrives! I will have almost a year to get bathing suit ready; no excuses!

Okay, and seriously, any good book recommendations??


Unknown said...

Well, if you liked the Hunger Games (and I did, in fact I was a little obsessed with them) . . . Divergent by Veronica Roth is good and has the same feeling :-) (I mean, it's definitely not AS good, but still)

Beth@LifeintheBLane said...

I have yet to do my New Year's blog so after seeing yours I don't feel as bad for being a bit late on it!

Savannah said...

Love your goals - thanks for the inspiration!

Melissa said...

I am about to start sewing too! I am also taking an online class for photography from Ashley Campbell (Under the Sycamore Blog) which I heard is a great class. Our resolutions match:)