cookie monster

The day before Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to make sugar cookies and let Grayson decorate them. He practically lives for the the free sugar cookie at Publix so I figured he would love this! I bought the icing that you can just squeeze on (yep, I'm lazy) and I was 100% positive I had an assortment of fun sprinkles in our cabinet. wrong. Just chocolate ones. But? They were a hit! 

 He had zero interest in the icing. I just had to quickly get it on the cookie before he stole all the sprinkles!

 The kid has a major sweet tooth! G was literally scraping the sprinkles off the cookies to inhale them. Ha!
How's this for a glimpse into the future? I have a feeling I will get this look a lot from about age 12-17. 

It was a fun little activity & I'm sure we will do it again...you know, with more festive decorations. I did learn something new about my child during the cookie decorating: he prefers sugar cookies with just sprinkles. NO ICING. He's a nut. I actually had to finally throw the bag of cookies away because I don't like sugar cookies and he wouldn't eat them!...well, unless you count picking all the tiny sprinkles off. Next up? Cookies with just green sprinkles.


Natalie said...

You are braver than me! If Nolan and I would have made cookies well the floor would have been more decorated LOL!

Mallorie said...

Those big blue eyes are TOO much!!! :-) I think you're in trouble mama..all the little girls are going to LOVE him!!! What a fun thing for y'all to do together!!!