a big blue cast

Grayson had a rough night of coughing, whimpering, being uncomfortable, yadda yadda the night before last. I swear he was surrounded by a sea of sickies at the pediatrician on Saturday, so I am kind of waiting to have a kid with a broken arm AND a virus. 

Yesterday he woke up at 5:40. in the morning. His bandage was undone and I knew his arm hurt. Poor baby. Luckily, the orthopedic office squeezed us in at 9:00 that morning. It worked out perfectly because I had an appointment at 10:15 for Baby Dos! 

G did great in the waiting room!  He looked out the window, ate goldfish, tried to steal a girl's crutches (seriously.), & was enamored with the empty wheelchairs. Then they led us to the back area where they do the casts. Not a great idea. G was a wild man surrounded by lots of expensive medical equipment...dangerous combination.

Thank the Lord for latex glove balloons. You know the kid loves to throw things!

The doctor finally came back and said the splint looked great...I disagreed.  I wanted a cast that the little houdini COULD NOT remove. So, he begins the process and then looks at me and says, "Is this shirt important?" .....

.....you mean his darling SheSheMade personalized birthday shirt?!?! YES. Important. {cue "mama feels like an idiot for letting G wear a cute shirt while getting a cast" moment} So, I did what every mama would do and I stripped down my child and he had to wear a youth medium tshirt from the doctor's office..haha! 
notice the change in wardrobe? :)
G did such a good job when they were putting his cast on! Seriously, I was impressed. The doctor loved that he kept yelling : "TOUCHDOWN!" every time he asked about football. Such a ham! 

The doctor said that since Grayson is so young his bones should heal really quickly. Silver lining? Sure, why not. We go back in 2 1/2 weeks to get another x-ray & hopefully it will be completely healed.
...and here he is: The brave little boy with a big blue cast!

So far, he has done great! He was able to take a really long nap yesterday & he's adjusted really well with playing. However? Still climbing. What in the world?! This boy is such a mess. I hope this isn't a glance into our future with many broken bones...ha!


Shelli said...

I have a feeling you are going to write a book about raising boys with this one! I'm so glad the doctors office had an extra shirt too... that would have been bad news!

Natalie said...

Awww hope it does heal fast! He looks like he is being super brave!

Alyssa said...

You can't keep a boy down! When my son started kindergarten, the FIRST day, he fell chest first onto the playground off the monkey bars and bruised his ribs. Each week it was something new- black eyes and busted lips from running head-first into kids, you name it. I just knew he'd end up with a broken bone but he didn't! You just kind of have to get used to it...

I'm glad G is doing so well with his cast. Such a big boy!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

G is a brave little one. Very tuff if I must say so myself. such a little cutie with tons of energy. I am glad however that he seems to be doing ok with the cast :)