17 months

Grayson was 17 months old yesterday!
The stats:
Weight: around 22lbs
Height: I would guess about 32-32 1/2 inches...pants are getting short!
Clothes: pants and shirts are all 18 months; G officially has only 3 longalls in size 18m that aren't too short! Looks like spring clothes will be 24 months!
Diaper: 4 during the day & 5 at night
Shoe: 4 1/2
Grayson is a chatterbox & is really starting to mimic the sounds we make. He still doesn't say a ton of words clearly, but we can understand a lot of what he says! Guess that's part of being a parent, right?? He loves copying sounds that Ben makes. They go back & forth making noises and Grayson thinks it is so funny! Right now he is saying:
Ja (Jack)
tee (tree)
tuh-down (touchdown)
do doooooo (cock a doodle doo) 
 Here's what is going on with G right now:
  • He is my little rooster again & is loving the early wake up times. He goes to bed between 7:30 & 8:00 every night and wakes up like clockwork at 6:15. Mama is tired! 
  • G is still a really picky eater. It's frustrating & I am ready for this stage to be over...we've been in it for about 6 months! His staples are chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cheese quesadillas, raisin bread, peanut butter on crackers, yogurt, & applesauce. I try to give him veggies and fresh fruit & he won't even try them. Stubborn boy! 
  • Grayson drinks Boost or Pediasure every night with dinner and before bed. I'm pretty sure he is getting the majority of his calories from this drink! 
  • He is doing great in his Sunday School class & in his MOPS class on Wednesdays. He doesn't cry when I drop him off anymore and he loves playing with the other kids. This has made it so much easier to leave him places!
Grayson has had some new interests over the past month:
  • He is still not much of a TV watcher, thankfully. However, he LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates! G loves the intro because it has a fun song and I think we rewind it at least 56783 times a day. Not kidding. He also loves the real pirate band at the end. The actual show? not interested! 
  • Grayson has always slept with his froggy lovey. A few months ago he started requiring BOTH of the froggy lovies in his crib. No big deal, right? I always bragged that he never required them anywhere but in his bed. Until this month. G is now over-the-top in love with his froggies. They go with him most places and he carries them all over the house. I had to buy 2 more! 
  • G noticed trucks this month. He loves looking out the window in the car now and shouting/pointing "truck! truck!" 
  • Grayson still loves playing with any sort of ball. However, now he loves to run around with his footballs (and basketballs) and shout "TOUCHDOWN!" It's so funny and it makes his sports obsessed daddy proud! 
 Grayson is SO active & runs everywhere he goes. He loves helping us with things around the house (feeding the dogs, throwing things away, recycling) and it makes me think about how great of a big brother he will be soon! G still adores his dogs and loves seeing them first thing in the morning. He also loves going to the library & picking out new books to read!
I can't believe our little boy is almost 1 1/2! Grayson is growing up so fast & it's hard to believe that he will be a big brother in 5 months. Crazy! This age is so much fun and I love watching him learn every single day.

Happy 17 months, G!


Melissa said...

He is seriously so cute! That is so funny that he says touchdown! Such a little man!

Megan said...

He is so adorable!! My friend has a little girl this age and it really is so fun!

Crystal Seed said...

It's so funny how the eating changes over time. Chloe now eats really anything. We just haven't given her any honey or peanut butter yet...we're a little scared. But we have her 18m appt tomorrow, so I'm going to see what the doc says. But I have given her Kiwi...and she LOVES! And today I gave her strawberries. And she just wouldn't stop! Girl was obsessed!! She's a total fruit and veggie NUT! Crazy girl!