Got a question?

I love reading Q & A posts from other bloggers. I think I'm nosy by nature and love to find out random things about people.

{Yep. I own footie pajamas WITH sock monkey feet.}
SO, today I am putting the ball in your court. You get to ask me any question you want...and I am 99% sure I will answer them all. Unless, you know, they are totally awkward or inappropriate.

Surely there is something that you want to know, right?! (I'll flatter myself and think that there is, anyway) And if you people don't ask me anything then I will just have to get my trusty pal Jen to ask me a bunch of questions so I don't feel like a loser. Deal? Deal.

Ready, set, GO!


Becca said...

Oh me me!

1) Why did you move away from Atlanta?

2) Are you planning on staying home indefinitely?

3) What is your favorite thing to splurge on?

4) What is your all time favorite movie?

5) Have you started Christmas shopping?

6) What is Grayson's favorite thing to say right now?

7) Any more children...? (Okay, I know this is totally inappropriate but I know you won't be mad at me for asking!)

The Guff said...


Yeah, I wanna know about baby #2, also! Plans?

I also wanna know your next baby boy name:) ...promise I won't steal... unless it's already on our list!

What kind of car are you toting G man around in?

What does Ben do for a livin'?

How in the world do we know so many of the same people?! I have no idea how we're connected! haha

Shelli said...

Fun! I've always wanted to do this but scared no one would ask anything!

What's your favorite ludacris song?
If G has a sister what would her name be?
Where did you and your hubby go on your first date?

Jen Watts said...

Yay!! Q & A!!

1) You seem to be such a go with the flow momma-what are your secrets for "not sweating the small stuff"

2) Describe your favorite/ideal day-in detail

3) What's your favorite food-the one thing you could eat every day and not get tired of? (I already know G's is chicken nuggets!)

Marci said...

If you could only drink one type of drink for a year, what would you pick?

Do you have a favorite brand of pens?

If you had a month to drive anywhere you wanted, where would you go?

What made you start blogging?

Anonymous said...


If you go out for a drink, what do you order?

If you had $1 million to donate to charity, what charity would you choose?

#1 celebrity crush?

What size shoe do you wear?

Were you in a sorority in college?

Melissa said...

I also want to know about baby #2!

Do you love living so close to Nashville?

What are some of your favorite stars you've run into in the area?