you know you're a mom when...

  • you have absolutely no problem catching a waterfall of pee with your hand so it won't go on the carpet.
  • you get really excited over your baby's poop. so excited that you may or may not have texted your husband about it.
  • you wash clothes every. single. day.
  • your outfit is pretty much guaranteed to have spit up on it...and you are totally okay with that.
  • your brain feels like it left your body when the baby did. I may have almost lost all 3 dogs yesterday in a 45 minute period...
  • you get really excited over baby clothes! specifically a little tuxedo onesie and baby chuck taylors.
  • you forget to eat during the day because there is a demanding little person who needs you more than your body needs food. maybe i could patent this new diet plan?
  • your 2nd job is being a professional bottle washer.
  • the thought of experiencing all of the "first" holidays this year makes you giddy.
  • running quick errands is thrilling! especially when everyone comments on how cute your baby is:)
  • a gummy little smile makes you melt.

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