my baby must-haves

Registering for baby stuff is a smidge overwhelming. Okay. Who am I kidding? Ben and I turned around and left Babies-R-Us once because we were overwhelmed-ha! Now that we have pretty much all the "essential" baby items I am realizing the things that we use the most on a regular basis. Things we need for survival. Well atleast things we need to keep us, the parental units, sane. Here are my baby must-haves:
The Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper. Considering I came from birth looking like a senior citizen (remember? the ankle brace, knee brace, walker, SHOWER BENCH...) I needed a place for our little nugget to sleep downstairs. Our original plan of napping in the pack-n-play was thrown out the window since I a)couldn't walk period, b)definitely couldn't go up and down stairs without Ben pretty much holding me up, and c) I most definitely was not allowed to carry Grayson. Ben got this little contraption from Target the day we came home from the hospital for like $40. It's great! He slept in there for the first 3 weeks of his life and napped in there until a few days ago. I recommend it:)

Every baby needs a lovey to snuggle with. Grayson has a froggy lovey and although he is only 6 weeks old (gasp!), he clings to his little froggy. I love that he already has something he is attached to. Thanks Aunt CJ for our froggy!

The Nikon D3000. Grayson loves to take pictures with this camera & he seems to have quite a talent. I kid, I kid. Hands down, if you have a child, you need a great camera. I love our camera. I used my old one last night at a restaurant and was so frustrated with the picture quality. Yep. I'm a total camera snob now.

My SkipHop diaper bag. Looks like a purse. Holds a gazillion things. (who knew babies required so many things?!) AND it hooks on the handle of our stroller. Triple win!
Baby Einstein playmat. This is the only thing that is guarunteed to occupy Grayson for more than 10 minutes. He will lay here for half an hour kicking, grabbing swinging his arms, and cooing. He loves his little ocean friends! ...and so does Jack. Hmm...
A great bottle drying rack. This is ours and I love it! It holds a ton of things and doesn't take up a ton of counterspace. I use this 2 or 3 times a day as my side job has become "Laura the Professional Bottle Washer."

The Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby...a sound machine made for babies. PERFECT! I just bought this and already I love it. It's really small so it doesn't take up much room. It has 6 sounds...3 nature & 3 lullabies. AND it has a projector! I'm jealous. I want pictures of animals floating across my wall and ceiling! Grayson is used to lots of noise (3 lunatic dogs, remember?) so I think he likes having some white noise as he sleeps. He (and Hudson) are slightly intrigued by the projector, too.

The JJ Cole Diaper Caddy. I saw this when we were registering and it was an impulsive add to our registry. I got it at a shower and have used it a ton! We have a 2 story house so it is really convenient to have a little changing station downstairs.

Any other must-haves you think I am missing out on??

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