Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We took our little pumpkin to PumpkinFest yesterday in downtown Franklin. It was great people watching--tons of fun costumes...including a 1 year old Rodeo Clown! However, we quickly realized that pushing a large stroller is no fun in a huge crowd of people. We strolled for a while & enjoyed a yummy funnel cake!
Grayson is really excited about his first Halloween. Can't you tell?
a pumpkin and a pumpkin.

We will just be laying low tonight & passing out candy to all the neighborhood kids. I can't wait until next Halloween--Grayson will have a lot more fun!


Elle The Heiress said...

Love the one of him with the pumpkin!

Lynsey said...

Grayson is adorable. Such a cute lil pumpkin.

Unknown said...

Great pictures! And such a cute pumpkin you have! :-)

KatieB. said...

Cute pics :) I got my leggings at Ann Taylor Loft. Little pricey for leggings, but they were offering 30% of the total this weekend.