my how life has changed.

It is amazing how different my life is today compared to 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago exactly I was just now getting to the hospital wondering if I was in actual labor...praying that I was! These are the things I've learned in the past 2 weeks:
  • I despise throw up. Ben has always been the dog throw-up cleaner-upper. I gag when I look at it. Who would have thought that I could handle having nasty milk spit-up all over me & not even care? Guess it helps that the person projectile vomiting on me has some serious cuteness going on.
  • My child is like a pee pee houdini with his diaper. No matter how tight we get his diaper, Grayson leaks everywhere. I thought I would be changing his clothes a lot because it's fun to play dress-up with babies...not because he pees on 5 outfits a day. We are getting a lot of use out of all our clothes!
  • I will never make fun of anybody who does laundry everyday again. My name is Laura and I wash baby laundry and our clothes everyday. This 9 pounder goes through a ridiculous amount of clothing/burp cloths/blankets/etc!
  • The middle of the night feedings aren't that bad. I like that quiet bonding time I get with my blonde baby:)
  • I am a terrible napper. I don't sleep when Grayson sleeps during the day. Ben is a professional napper. I'm jealous.
  • I love this little boy more than anything in the world. I knew that I would fall in love with him the moment that I saw him...I just didn't realize how intense it would be! He is so perfect & I can't imagine our life without him.


Katie said...

Welcome to the motherhood club Laura! You will write many of these posts over the next year. Each stage teaches you something new about yourself and it is amazing. I'm so glad you are enjoying your middle of the night feedings, I actually miss the quiet snuggles, looking into big bright eyes in the middle of the night too! You guys are doing great with your little man, keep up the good work :)

Jennifer said...

He is so beautiful Laura and I love this post! I agree with the comment above. I can't wait to see more!

Elle The Heiress said...

He's so cute! To me it was like as soon as Sebastian was born I just "got it." I just fell into the mommy role like I had been doing it my whole life, even though I was completely new to it. Instincts are great, aren't they? =)

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