brain dump.

  • I bought the book below recently. I need a full night of sleep. I am hoping this book helps! It is an easy read..seriously, I almost finished it the first day during one of G's naps. Our video monitor is being shipped and set to arrive on Tuesday. Once it is here, Grayson will receive his eviction notice and have 1 day to move out of our bedroom & into his nursery. I love the little guy to the moon & back...but he is a loud sleeper! We are starting "baby bootcamp" from this book next week...wish us luck!

  • I love fun nail polish colors. Especially in the fall/winter when I can get away with wearing my black, browns, grays, purples, etc. Last year I called this nail color fetish my "Miley Cyrus phase." Well, it has arrived again! AND I just found the best nail polish site ever! I love OPI nail colors...perhaps because they have super fun names like "my chihuahua bites." If you go to their website they have a virtual hand and you can try on all of the colors they make! so fun! I was on the hunt for the perfect shade of brown last year and never quite found it...but I think I just did on the fake hand..."can you tapas this?" yes please!
  • I can't for the life of me figure out how to take care of a baby, take care of 3 {uber shedding} dogs, AND keep a house clean. help?
  • I need a jogging stroller. I don't jog. Or run. ew. BUT, I love walking & I need a good stroller to push my chunky monkey in. I am not willing to spend a fortune & I don't need one of those ridiculously legit strollers like a BOB. Any suggestions?
  • I am very upset with Heidi Klum. She picked the wrong designer to win on Project Runway. Team Mondo all the way. If you by chance watched the finale last night, then you saw Jessica Simpson. Geez Louise. What happened to her?


Lynsey said...

Let me know how it goes with baby bootcamp and if the book was helpful. Our little man sleeps in his room in his crib but only sleeps for a few hours each night and it is killing us.

As for taking care of the baby, dogs and house..when you figure it out let me know!! We have 2 dogs who are both shedding like crazy and I can't seem to find the time to deal with it.

We only got one stroller and it was a BOB and just got the car seat attachment. It is heaven! So sorry, no suggestions on another stroller.

Jen Watts said...

oh I have so much to say!!

Its nice to know someone else suffers from lack of sleep- Carsyn is not a great sleeper some nights she'll go 4-5 hours and some nights 2. Please let me know if the book helps.

I applaud your video monitor effort. I put Carsyn in her crib every night but somehow end up on the rug next to her crib sleeping. Pathetic I know. I have the angel monitor because I have the ticker to watch when I do escape to sleep on the sofa-I still have not made it to the bedroom to sleep yet! I have a video monitor that is not even hooked up - Again please let me know if you like it.

I need a jogging stoller too! Seriously the wheels on my chicco are going to fall off. I have heard to wait until she is sitting up better. I plan to find one and put it on my Christmas wish list.

Elvis is sheddding like crazy- it drives me nuts- and trust me I'm nuts enough as it is.

Ok- I'll shut up now- Have a great Halloween-I can't wait to see your little fella in his trick or treat pictures :)

Terri R. Moore said...

I totally agree with your Proj Runway thoughts. I was SO disappointed that Wretched Gretchen won :O) She drove me crazy every week with her smartass comments about everyone else! Mondo will do even better, I'm sure. We'll see him each season as a judge or something! As for sleep.....my daughter didn't sleep thru the night until she was well past 1 yr...I can't advise you!! Love your sweet pumpkin....can't wait to see him again.