5 on Friday

1. Grayson has been acting really fussy for about a week & acting like his little tummy hurt. I took him to the pediatrician on Wednesday & he gave us a new (uber expensive, of course) hypoallergenic formula. So far it has helped some...although I still think he has acid reflux. I'm happy to have my smily baby back! :)
2. These 2 boys make me very happy. I love watching Ben with Grayson. He loves his little man.
3. I got to see my friends this week! I took Grayson up to school for a baby shower. He was perfect and slept through the whole thing. I miss seeing these girls every day!

4. I finally got my fall decorations out. My house smells like pumpkin pie. The weather has been amazing. I cannot say this enough..I love fall!
5. We should be getting Grayson's newborn pictures back today or tomorrow...SO excited!! Can't wait to get started on birth announcements!

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