1 month

I can't believe Grayson is 1 month old today!
Here are his 1 month stats:
9lbs 14 oz last week at the doctor....probably about 10lbs now!
22 inches long
...still wearing newborn diapers because he is so skinny:)
wearing all 3 month clothes...he's a big boy!
I am loving that Grayson is staying awake more during the day...he has been so much fun! He loves just staring at the ceiling and "talking." He especially loves hanging out on his changing table...so happy he likes his room:) We are starting to get a few smiles and giggles & they are seriously so cute. I'm ready to see those dimples on a regular basis!

He has been a much happier baby since we switched to a hypoallergenic formula & yesterday we started his acid reflux meds. Hopefully that will help his little tummy, too! Now we just need to work on sleeping a smidge longer during the night-ha! His mama is a tired girl!
Happy 1 month birthday, G!!