fam time

Last weekend Grayson was a happy boy...his Nana & Poppy came to visit and he got to meet his Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandaddy!
He was so good the whole time they were here...he especially loved sitting in everyone's laps and smiling, cooing, doing anything cute:)
I love this picture. Grayson is so lucky that he will get to know 2 sets of great-grandparents! Here he is playing with my Grandaddy!
We ate lunch and walked around downtown Franklin & of course ended our afternoon at Sweet Cece's. Grayson and Poppy hung out while everyone else got their froyo on:)
Grandmother & Grandaddy
Hanging out with Nana & Poppy

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Jen Watts said...

that's awesome!! I always find after family time I get a new appreciation for being a mommy. I love those photos- Grayson will treasure those forever :)