i'm lovin' it

I saw this list on someone else's blog & decided to copy it...especially since my brain seems to only be thinking in list form these days...
  • I'm loving the fact that Grayson slept for 2 hours in his crib this afternoon & let me clean the whole upstairs!
  • I'm loving this cooler weather.
  • I'm loving sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch enjoying the cooler weather.
  • I'm loving that all my dogs are clean.
  • I'm loving the new monkey crocheted hat that Carl sent Grayson--so cute!
  • I'm loving the pumpkin froyo at Sweet Cece's:)
  • I'm loving the idea of taking pictures of Grayson at the pumpkin patch on Saturday!....and of course buying all my fun pumpkins, too!
  • I'm loving the smell of the dreft...mmm baby smell:)
  • I'm loving Thursday night television: Project Runway, The Office, Outsourced, AND Jersey Shore. Thank goodness for DVR!
  • I'm loving my fall scented candles.
  • I'm REALLY loving fall!

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