a wild and crazy spring break..

Well my Spring Break is now over :( but it was fun while it lasted! I spent most of my week in Atlanta at my parents. Ben had to work so he stayed home with the big dogs & Jack and I ventured to the peach state!

My mom and I did a lot of shopping & Jack was happy to see his Uncle Hank! I finally had to shop for maternity clothes. My pants no longer fit so I am now the owner of maternity capris. They are MUCH more comfortable than squeezing into my pre-baby-in-the-belly jeans. However, whoever designed maternity pants did not want women to feel attractive. The huge elastic waistband looks a tad ridiculous.
I got to see Magan & Lauren while I was in town! They are the few that have stuck around Atlanta-hate that I can't see everyone when I visit anymore! We went to Pure Taqueria where they sipped 'ritas & I had a diet coke. Ha. I miss margaritas with my mexican food!

Jack & Hank are truly best friends. It's pretty cute!

This is why Jack loves going to his Nana & Poppy's house. They have windows even HE can see out of! He lounges like this all. day. long.
We ventured up to the mountains on Friday night and had dinner with Papa and Carol. They have an AWESOME new house that I love. Aren't they cute? Papa is pretty hip if I say so myself...he is 83 and is my friend on facebook. Love it!
Mom, me, and Dad. *gasp* I have now entered into the point of no return...I now look pregnant from the front. Hello baby Loma!
Here we are again.
Here is proof that Jack does indeed have a carseat and that he does indeed sit in it!
I can't believe my break is over! I will be back in Atlanta in 2 weeks to see Beth Moore. Anyone else going to that??


Ashley said...

Awww, I think your little baby bump is adorable! (So is your pup!)

Anonymous said...

So cute, love your baby bump!

Caitlyn said...

Just catching up on your life... I'll be at Beth Moore with mom, Amanda, and Katie Blair. Would love to see you! Maybe we can eat lunch together?