19 weeks

*How far along?: 19 weeks and 1 day...this is flying by!
*How big is your baby? a mango--6 inches long!
*Total weight gain?: not a clue
*Sex: TUESDAY! TUESDAY!! TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!! Pray that this baby cooperates!
*Maternity clothes: all maternity pants...belly seems to grow by the day!
*Stretch marks: None yet!
*Sleep: Great...I've been tired!
*Best moment this week: a stranger asked when I was due...guess I really do look pregnant!
*Movement: not yet...hoping I can feel it any day now!
*Food cravings: haven't had any cravings in a while
*Labor signs: no way jose
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: a bra that fits. need I say more?
*What I'm looking forward to: our baby will have a NAME in just 2 days!!! I am so excited...don't think I will sleep until Tuesday night!!!

Can you tell that my Huddy missed his mama while I was in Atlanta this weekend? :) More on my fun weekend tomorrow! Off to spend time with my sweet hubby who may or may not be having "sympathy" prego pains...haha...


Micki said...

You look great, Laura! I can't wait to hear what you're having. We go in May 14th to find out. My parents will be here, so we are super excited! I feel ya on the bra issues. I did find a really great one at Pea in the Pod. If you'd like I can find the style number for you. Have a great week!

Micki said...

Also, I have that shirt in green!