blind date success

I went on my first ever blind date tonight. Thought I was married with a babe on the way? I am. It was a blind date with a bloggy friend! Caron introduced us to Katie's blog last year when she was pregnant with her little girl...instantly, we loved it. Y'all..she is hilarious. I would totally put her link on here but for some reason I am not smart enough to know how to correctly do that. It never works. (Helpful hints appreciated) You can find Katie's blog on my list...Cleared for Takeoff.
Kristy, Mary, and I have been blogstalking her for awhile now and we finally decided that since she lives nearby we just needed to meet. Tonight was the night. We met at La Hacienda and had so much fun!
I got meet Ellie Kate who is a very happy and easy baby...so cute!
We tried documenting our night. This was take 1. Just not suitable.
Could we be any more awkward?
Finally! A good one...even the baby is looking! Gotta give a shout out to Caron--she came to dinner after a long day at work and is literally due to have Molly Cate like any second! I love making new friends & like I tend to say...it doesn't get much better than a girls night at a mexican restaurant!!