peace up, a-town down.

Greetings from Hotlanta! (who am I kidding? greetings from METRO hotlanta!)
Here are some things about my trip so far...
  • Jack rode the WHOLE WAY in his carseat! It was heavenly. I'll post the pictures when I get back to my own computer. He looked hilarious sitting in his own seat..but I am proud of my very grown up chi!
  • The pollen here is disgusting. They beat Tennessee by a few days. My car is now the color of pukish green. I had to clean the front window before I drove last night because I do not want to view the world through pollen-tinted glasses...after the window was sprayed it looked like a giant had sneezed on my window. That is all. Gross.
  • Speaking of pollen, my baby (not in the womb, y'all) has swollen eyes from allergies. Not to mention his grass eating habit makes the pollen stick inside his nose...yuck. Benadryl saved the day...and night.
  • I went shopping and officially have maternity clothes! I tried on the fake belly at the store (awkward) and it made me look really funny. I hope I don't look that funny this summer.

Happy Thursday!!!

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