atlanta recap...so long insecurity!

This past weekend I went back to Atlanta to see Beth Moore...live! I went with my mom, aunt Terri, & my cousin Blakely. There were 9,500 women among us...that is A LOT of estrogen in one church!! Here we are during our lunch break...Blakely is 6 months pregnant & due about 6 weeks before me!
The conference was great...Beth Moore is so funny! She reminds me a little of a tiny Texas version of Paula Deen. I'm a fan:)
I am in the middle of reading her newest book, "So Long Insecurity," and so far it is great. I recommend it! There were 300,000 women across the North America tuning in to her simulcast...isn't that amazing?! She kept talking about how lots of Christians pray and ask God for guidance...but sometimes we don't always trust what He wants us to do. What if every Christian always did exactly what the Lord told them to do? How different would our lives be? I know that is something that I need to work on. Being still enough to actually listen...and do.
It was a great weekend at "home" and I am so happy I got to see the fam. We went to dinner at La Paz (yum in my prego tum) with my parents, aunt and uncle, Blakely, Wes, and their little boy. I had not seen Ashton is SO long! In fact, last time I saw him he was a baby who could not talk & now he is like a little boy! We had fun & I am hoping I will get to see more of them this summer before Ashton becomes a big brother!
Tomorrow is our BIG DAY! I haven't been able to sleep because I am so excited to find out what our sweet baby is! I am just praying that he/she cooperates and gives us a chance to see the goods!!

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Unknown said...

Sad that you were there and I didn't see you!!

and I cant wait to hear if you're having a boy or a girl!