Flashback Friday

I have a wedding coming up in May (woohoo Julie Barry!) & it is making remember just how much FUN that season of our lives were...I would relive the engagement/wedding planning/WEDDING over and over again if I could!! I was a laid back bride and just enjoyed the whole year of planning... :)

It all started at the end of my senior part 1 (yes there was a part deux!) when this Alabama boy proposed to me and I was so excited!!! Can you tell?! Hard to believe that this was 3 years ago!

I had fun celebrating with my "Georgia girls"...Alex got engaged a couple months later & we got married literally 1 month apart! So fun!

Was lucky to have 4 really great showers with friends and family...here I am with my mom at our Oxford shower!

Georgia girls like to have fun. It's what we do best. My Atlanta engagement party was so much fun!!

we look like babies. love my groom:)

Look! Remember the picture I took at Beth Moore? Hello...same pic 2 years earlier!! Blakely was pregnant with Ashton at the time!

It is hard to believe that when we celebrate our 2 year anniversary in just a few short months, I will be VERY pregnant with our little boy! I love wedding season...can't wait for Julie & Doug to tie the knot in less than a month!!

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