why do we call them showers?

Today the 1st grade team threw Caron a baby shower because she is only THREE WEEKS (don't panic, CJ!) away from giving birth! Ahh...I just can't wait to meet Molly Cate!
Here are the first grade teachers. We are a pretty small school, can you tell? (I kid, I kid...) Um, by the way? Why am I larger than the 37 week prego? That is just wrong. Remember the pretty scrap book paper I bought at Hobby Lobby? I made a banner with it! You can't see the cute patterns in this picture...but I thought it turned out pretty well!
We like food in first grade. We got our grub on after school!
SUPER cute cupcakes courtesy of Mary! She needs to sell these little things. They taste even better than they look...is that possible?! Doesn't get much better than a monogrammed cupcake!
I can't wait to see a little girl in that teeny dress!
She wore an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny....
I promise I am not lying. Caron really is having a baby in 3 weeks! Cutest little bump ever.
That's all folks! Happy shower day, CJ! Now that the party is over, Molly Cate is officially allowed to come!!

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