16 weeks

*How far along?: 16 weeks--this is going by SO fast!
*Total weight gain?: I don't know..we'll find out Monday at the doctor!
*How big is baby?: an avocado
*Sex: I can finally say that we find out this month:)
*Maternity clothes: Just noticed today that my jeans are finally feeling snug. Time to invest in the good ol' elastic waist band (gag) maternity pants. I practically live in my maternity yoga pants...they are amazing.
*Stretch marks: Nope. I am lathering up with my Mama Mio lotion once or twice a day. I am really hoping it works!
*Sleep: I've always slept on my side...but now I have to switch sides all night because my hips hurt. What is up with that? Do I have a baby on my hip?
*Best moment this week: I feel pregnant. I no longer feel like a college freshman who has been drinking too many 12-packs & eating late night taco bell.
*Movement: nope...I'm ready for some little jabs!
*Food cravings: fruit, cape cod salt & vinegar chips, and chocolate milk...still not a fan of sweets right now which is weirding me out!
*Labor signs: not for about 24 more weeks...
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: my bra fitting. end of story.
*What I'm looking forward to: Monday!! We go to the doctor & get to hear the heartbeat again!
Sidenote: I am totally fascinated by my weekly updates from What to Expect that tell me what is going on in my belly. This week, our baby no longer has alien-like eyes...they migrated to the front of the face from the side! Who knew eyes could migrate?! Also, baby M is developing its very own fingerprints this week! So odd..my 4-5 oz. baby has fingerprints!

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