Playroom Inspiration

Our bonus room is upstairs in the middle of all of our bedrooms and is just a huge, open space. When we first moved in to our house, we went a little crazy with color. Okay, fine. We went a LOT crazy with color. Our downstairs was lime green & bright yellow while our bonus room was mustard yellow. We've toned down the entire downstairs & went back to its natural khaki roots. The upstairs however? Well, you needed sunglasses. It was that bright.

Our first order of business was to sell the massive sectional that took up all the playing room. check! Our second order of business was to buy a new, smaller couch. check! Our third order of business was to paint,  paint, paint. check! Our favorite painter came yesterday and had the staircase AND bonus room done in 3 hours. Boom. That's why we hire people.

Now the real fun can begin! Right now this room is just a big mess of toys. We have tons of organizational space, I just haven't figured out the best way to utilize it. I'm looking forward to making this space a fun playroom for our boys & a nice area for us to relax together at the end of the day. Here are some ideas that I am loving:

bonus room
I love how there is room to play here & room for adults to sit. I love all the bins. We actually have these same exact storage bins, I just need to figure out a way to label them and organize them.
Love this color scheme for our bonus/play room. Minus a slide;)
I love the color scheme in this room. It's peaceful and relaxing. I do hate the slide though. No slides inside, please.
Kid's room.... Love the framed books idea. :)
I have been saving the book jackets off of our favorite books for about year. I knew I wanted to display them somehow & I love this.

Hopefully I will have a finished playroom before the end of the summer!


Stephanie said...

After C's baby shower, I went and removed all the book jackets and have them put up in a safe spot to decorate with later. I'm so glad I did because little man tears everything he can.

I love the first picture most. I really dig the colors and I like how it has big and little people appeal.

lg2006 said...

I love all of those adn never thought about framing book jackets! What a great idea! I had a friend design our playroom so that it was kid friendly but still went with the rest of the house and she did a great job!