Menu Monday

I've had a few people snicker at me when I tell them about how I plan out our weekly menu. So, I thought
I would explain why I plan it out & how I do it. I haven't always been organized with meal planning. When Ben & I got married we went grocery shopping every Sunday. We would make a list and talk loosely about what we wanted every night for dinner. I never wrote meals down, I would always forget things, and I would end up at the grocery store like 5 times every week. That gets expensive. And annoying.  

Enter in 2 kids and making grocery trips are no longer easy. I mean, I only have 5 minutes of "quiet time" while they eat their free cookies. Then the real fun begins. And by fun I obviously mean a complaining toddler & screeching baby. I need a meal plan to save money and my sanity. 

I figure out our menu on Sunday & we go grocery shopping on Monday morning. I'm trying to get back to planning what we eat around weekly sales and I try and make things using stuff we already have in our pantry. If we have a plan for each night then we tend to eat out less. Just don't look at our track record lately. So, there you have it. Pretty simple. But pretty life-changing. seriously.
Monday: Ground Turkey spaghetti

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Ground Beef, black bean, & corn quesadillas

Friday: The Fair...so, fair foods!

Saturday: Lemon Thyme Chicken, Baked Potatoes, & fried okra

Sunday: Honey Chicken with Fried Rice (from Whole Foods)


melissa said...

I agree - menu planning just makes it easier! I can get in and out of the grocery store so much quicker too because I just buy what's on the list and go. No more standing in the aisle trying to figure out what to make. I still need to plan this weeks menu and shop on my way home tonight. I hate the grocery store on Monday nights - always a zoo!

Elizabeth said...

Meal planning does make it so much easier! I still haven't really figured out the best system for us yet, but I do know that when we plan what we're going to have for the week, life in the evenings is a lot less stressful!! I'm going to have to try that honey chicken!