No Spend September

 This post could alternately be titled: WWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

For the last week or so Ben and I have been talking about doing a No Spend September. We've never done this but we are making it happen starting next week! 

Obviously we have to spend some money, but we are cutting out all the extras. Gas, groceries, essential baby things...that's pretty much it. Do you know what this means? 

No random shopping. 
No browsing Hobby Lobby or Target.  
No Sonic Happy Hour. 
No going out to eat. 

Alright, I need to stop naming things because I may back out.

I will say this: We will have to cheat a little because a certain toddler turns THREE in September.

Anyone else want to join us?!


Stephanie said...

My post today is how to start a family budget as in how do we implement one into our world. I like the idea of No Spend September. We are game!! Good luck!

Dawn said...

We need to do this!! It is so hard to be disciplined, especially when I think, "oh, it's only a few dollars"...haha! I am going on a girl's trip in September so I may not be able to do it this month..but maybe I can pick up some tips from you in Sept. and try it in November! Goodness knows, I'll need to save up before Christmas!

kpitcock said...

Maybe I'll do no spend December when I have this baby...it will be easier. I can't leave the house. This is a great idea!

Beth Ann said...

Oh man, so brave!!! Good luck! Interested to hear how it goes. I don't think I could do it!!!

Jenna said...

I've been thinking about doing this. I had a friend who did it and they saved a lot of money that month! Keep us posted on how it goes!!