• Well, folks, we have a semi-walker on our hands! Griffin has perfected the zombie walk & looks awfully cute doing it. He can walk across the room but he is so cautious and goes very slowly. He's still crawling a bunch, too. I forgot how much I love this beginning walker stage. They just look so cute taking stiff steps with their arms straight out! Makes me laugh every time.
 Stride Rite SRT Soft Motion Tony
  •  Speaking of walking, Griffin had to get some new kicks last night. We have the Sun San sandals that are great for just walking. They don't bend much though & since Griffin is still crawling a lot, he needed something different. These teeny tiny Stride Rite sandals cost way too much for him to only wear for 2 months. PSA: Kids cost a lot of money.
  • Our new couch arrives on Friday! We also have a painter coming to give us an estimate of redoing our bonus room. I am so excited for this project to get underway so I can actually make it a room! 
  • If you know one thing about Grayson, it's that he is a sports enthusiast. He loves football & baseball. We are friends with one of the back up quarterback's for the Titans and Ben took G down to their practice this week to see Mr. Rusty and the other players. They had been to a practice before, but this time he got to stay afterwards and get autographs and meet the players.  He came home with the biggest smile and a big football full of signatures. He had the best time!
  • Schools start at the end of this week & I will admit, while I love my current gig, I do miss the beginning of the school year. School supplies are my favorite & I loved getting to decorate and organize a classroom every year. I also miss the 25 minute lunch breaks with my very entertaining friends. Maybe I could be a professional classroom designer as a new profession? Hmm....


Shelli said...

Do you think you will ever teach again? Like maybe when your kiddos are all in school?

melissa said...

Zombie walking Griffin is SO CUTE. I love it. And how fun for Grayson to get to visit the Titans' practice!

Mateya said...

I love the beginning walking stage...so cute and funny!

Hayden wears a lot of Pediped shoes (search on ebay they're way cheaper) because they're so much easier for him to walk in, especially in the early stages!

Carol said...

Girl there are some teachers at my school that would definately pay you to decorate their classrooms, myself included! I LOVE teaching but decorating my classroom stresses me out! Too bad you aren't in SC, I would be getting you some business. :)

Jessica said...

I get Noah's shoes at Target :/
I'm so cheap!