So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I seem to cheat on this healthy eating thing every night?
  • I attempted to hang curtains this week, spent an hour drilling holes & zero curtains were hung?
  • I've already been to the grocery store 3 times this week? Oy. Mama brain at its finest.
  • I am counting down the weeks until we are BOTTLE FREE?! I hate that chore so much. It's 11, by the way. 11 weeks until my baby is one. 
  • a pile of folded, clean towels has been sitting on our couch for over a week?
  • I haven't had my hair done since October? Yikes. 
  • I'm 27 and STILL bite my nails?
  • I forget I'm still 27 & typically think I'm 28? I age myself. Who does that?
  • I bought myself flowers for Mother's Day? Haha. Granted, they were only from Publix....but still. I needed some fresh flowers in my life.
  • G's boost seat got cleaned for the first time in about a year this week? Do you know how nasty a toddler booster seat can get? EW.

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Andie said...

haha! I have been wanting to buy myself some flowers since Sunday! I still need to do that. :)