Five on Friday

  1. Last weekend we promised Grayson we would go bowling. He was so excited and talked about it all morning. Well, when we got to the bowling alley there was an hour long wait. SO, we headed to Chuck E Cheese. It was also slammed. We felt bad so we took him to Toys R Us & let him pick a fun prize. This is what he picked out:
This child is truly obsessed with yard work & it cracks me up. Grayson has played with this wheelbarrow & shovel ALL WEEK. He's our future landscape architect!  

2.  We had Griffin's 9 month pictures taken yesterday & I can't wait to see them. He wore my favorite bubble & it was ridiculously cute. 

It just doesn't get much cuter than a baby boy in a bubble!

3. I've recently rediscovered our neighborhood's gym. They updated the equipment about a year ago & it's really nice! I've been taking advantage of it--might as well since we are indeed paying for it! It's nice to get out of the house for a work out...I need to switch it up sometimes!

4.  I made the Pepperoncini Beef sandwiches last night for the first time & loved them. Ben approved, too! 
The recipe is linked on Monday's post. Go make these!

5. I am loving the Old Navy knock off Native shoes for G! Stride Rite quit selling our favorite waterproof rubber sandals this year but these are working just fine!
They were $14 & are great for playing outside because I can just hose them off when they get all muddy! I think I'll be going back to get one more pair!


{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

We love those old navy shoes too. we got the green ones. They do wear out quickly but for the price, I don't care!

Can't believe G is already 9 months old!!!!! Gracious! Time Flies sister!

Love the Griff picked out the yard tools. Easton would SO do that. Or ANOTHER baseball and bat! Love me some little boys!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

GRAYSON----yard tools. Not Griff. Typing a little too quickly! ;)

Lynsey said...

I stocked up on the ON shoes yesterday-$9.50! Can't beat that!

Andie said...

I bought a pair of those Old Navy shoes for Andrew yesterday! I got the grey ones! They are just too cute!

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