Menu Monday

I made this week's menu in about 5 minutes so there is nothing new that we're trying. It is all pretty basic! 

Monday: Marlboro Man Sandwiches -- these are Ben's absolute favorite! You can't go wrong with anything made by the Pioneer Woman!
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Tuesday: Chicken and veggie quesadillas

Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken (using this batter) with fried rice (from Whole Foods)

Thursday: Grilled Chicken, roasted broccoli, & mashed potatoes

Friday: Cajun Chicken Tortellini Bake (this got two thumbs up from my husband who HATES pasta. I know. WHAT?!)
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Saturday: We have a birthday party so we will probably go out somewhere afterwards!

Sunday: Cheeseburger for the boys & Turkey Zucchini burger for me!
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Stephanie said...

Umm... who hates pasta? I don't think that's very American. ;)