So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • if I have an amazing tank top farmers tan?
  • my legs are still a pasty shade of white and look ridiculous compared to said farmers tan? 
  • we don't have grass? You read that right. We have only weeds. Hopefully Trugreen will help us out a little. 
  • I think people look ridiculous doing "flex breaks" on Instagram? 
  • my dining room stayed clean for only one week? Now I have a bunch of frames for our gallery wall waiting to be hung sitting on it. Oh, and our dog's cone for his head. 
  • my baby is now crawling & I wish he would just hurry up and walk? Call it wishing life away, BUT? I feel like I need to keep my floors insanely clean when he is on his hands and knees. Impossible. 
  • my child goes to Publix in his pajamas & snowboots on a regular basis?
  • our dinner was awful earlier in the week & we picked up Taco Bell after the kiddies went to bed?


Karen said...

The cleaning you have to do during the crawling phase is awful!! I felt like I was constantly vacuuming and sweeping and it was such a pain lol. And also, nothing wrong with pj's and snowboots for a shopping trip, we do that on a regular basis too :)

Royal @ Royal Proclaims said...

I have no idea what "flex breaks" are!! Am I the last one who hasn't heard of that?

I remember when my little one was crawling and I would catch a glimpse of his clothes and socks before I threw them in the hamper and they would be dark grey from all of the dirt! Yuck.

The hubby sometimes gets us a second dinner if our first dinner with our son is gross. He will wait until we put him down for bed before he leaves.


Shelli said...

Yum Taco Bell. I haven't had that greasy goodness in so long! And the flexbreaks, not going to lie but I am starting to see some arm muscle and if I can get rid of them oprah arms... I will totally be taking flexbreaks! :)

melissa said...

What on earth are flex breaks?

Jennifer said...

Can I say "So What?" that I don't know what flex breaks are either?? :-)