It's been quite a while since I've done a basic update. We've been pretty busy around here lately! 
  • About 2 weeks ago I left both boys for the first time to fly to Louisiana. My cousin, Robyn, is getting married in June & I surprised her for her bridal shower! She lives in Albuquerque & I don't see her much so it was a fun weekend. I love my Louisiana fam!
  • While I was gone, that sweet baby of mine starting crawling. Officially. He had mastered going backwards & he is now a full-fledged crawler! Life has definitely gotten a little crazier. Griffin never stops moving & is trying to pull up on every thing in sight. He's a busy boy!
  • Nashville finally got the memo that it is in fact spring! It's actually been pretty hot this week.We've practically moved out to the front yard. We've been outside about 6-7 hours every day. That's insane! I've got the tan lines to prove it. G has had that plasma car since he was 1 & he has now mastered it. Like a typical boy, he flies down the hill going so fast that it nearly gives me a heart attack.
  • Are y'all watching The Voice? We've been faithful viewers every season. I really love the fact that I don't have to stare at Christina's chest this season--I also love Usher! However, nobody on it has sparked my interest yet.  Who do you like?
  • I've come to the realization that this body is just not going be wearing a bikini...ever. Darn c-sections. SO, where can I buy a cute tankini? (besides Target because they never fit me) Help a mama out!


Beach Bum & Baby said...

You look so pretty!

Those plasma cars looks awesome! Maybe T needs one?

I had a tankini from lands end (I know!!!) last year that I just adored! It was comfy and cute and easy to chase T around in! If you have a sears (again. I know...) they sometimes have lands end sections in them. :) Good luck! Swimsuits are hard!!!

emily said...

I love your dress! Glad you had fun with your cousin!!

I loathe swim suit shopping, so I'm no help!

emily said...

...but try Dillards! I found one I liked there and my friend got a super cute Tankini there too.

A Wedding Story said...

I agree that Land's End has great tankinis that are supportive. I got one there last year and I loved how it fit...except for the size of course ;)

lg2006 said...

Marshalls in cool springs has some great tankinis right now, but I think you could totes wear a bikini!!

Fenn is wearing out that plasma car! and using all his shoes as breaks ( grr)